CGC Dress Code

Golf Caps (peaks to the front)
Golf Hats
Golf shoes must be worn
with either metal or soft spikes


Polo style and golf specific
shirts with collars and
Tailored golf trousers
Tailored shorts*
Shirts must be tucked in at
all times  

*Note: White sports socks
must be worn with shorts

Sleeveless tops with collar
Tailored shorts


As the above



Blue denim clothing
Golf hats or anoraks 
in the clubhouse
Outdoor clothing in the Lounge
Training shoes
Shorts in the Lounge 
or Dining Room
Trousers tucked in socks
Cargo Pants & Shorts, T-shirts
and other collarless shirts
Football/Rugby shirts
Athletic/Sports shirts
Tracksuit trousers
Tracksuit tops 

Sun tops, very short 
shorts, skorts or skirts
Very tight shorts or slacks
Sports shorts

   Please also be aware
Mobile Phones and Smart
Phones must be ‘on silent’
everywhere in the clubhouse,
they may be used for calls in
the locker room and car park
and should be carried on the
golf course but used in
emergency only.  

Download the Dress Code here



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